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Blueberry Hill

While geographically called "Taos Mesa", most everyone in Taos refers to the uplands just to the west of the valley land as Blueberry Hill - though there is not a blueberry bush to be found.  Blueberry Hill Road traverses the entire ridge from US 64 by the Old Blinking Light intersection at the north to its south end by the Los Cordovas intersection.  The road actually forms a bypass around Taos. Millicent Rogers Road marks the other primary road in this zone.  The hilly portions of this narrow road rest in the Blueberry Hill zone, while the valley land is part of Upper Ranchitos zone.

The east side of the zone overlooks the Taos Valley land and town while the west features views over the Lower Las Colonias valley.  This highland has wonderful "Big Sky" views in all directions especially towards  the mountains by Taos Ski Valley.  Sagebrush paints the landscape a lovely gray green and dominates the ground cover.

Because of the views and easy access to both the north and south sides of Taos, Blueberry Hill tends to feature upscale  homes.  Several large tracts belonging to the Taos Pueblo are undeveloped and are likely to remain so.

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Distance to Taos: 10-15 Minutes

Distance to Taos Ski Valley: 20-25 minutes

The Taos MLS uses just one zone for this region:


Since the boundaries of Blueberry Hill are very easily defined geographically and this is one zone, there is no need to differentiate neighborhoods within this region.

A couple of roads leading from Blueberry Hill Road are not on the ridge but in the Arroyo Seco Creek drainage or other drainages within the hill.  Arroyo Park and Night Hawk Trail provide examples of this.  Though they are not on the ridge, their only access is through Blueberry Hill Road and they are considered to be part of this zone.

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